My experience diversity allows me to provide a unique set of services for national and international level organizations.

I work with top tier organizations in different fields in the region and I'm always looking looking for innovative approaches.

I can provide different set of services either academic or professional and willing to participate in voluntary work for serving community activities.

A] Sample for Professional services available as below:

  1. Consultation for political transformation strategy design; plus political analysis and modeling.
  2. Project Management Consultation for Program and Mega Projects in information Technology and Governments.
  3. Project Management Office (PMO) design and implementation.
  4. Mega Projects review and audit.
B] Sample for Academic services available as below:
  1. Conferences chairing and reviewing.
  2. Lecturing and research programs with first class university and institute , in topics related to Governance and International Security.

C] Sample for Research services available as below:
I m interested in researches related to E-Government, E-Governance, Social Media, National Security and Defense. 
  1. Research Projects: working on research project related to E-Government, E-Governance , Government Innovation , defense technology.
  2. Work Shop : design and implementation 
  3. White papers and Publications
  4. Conferences related to E-Government : arrangement, design , planning , outsourcing and contracting