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How to obtain a doctoral degree?

Doctoral degree from Egypt (PHD vs DBA)

I have been asked several times about the main difference between PHD and DBA, and how we can get a doctoral degree while we are in Egypt or Middle East. Below is how I try to answer these questions upon my personal experience in acquiring my PhD.

First doctoral degree especially in management is divided into two main types. First called Doctor of Philosophy (PHD), which is more theoretical and conceptual, it will be essential, if you are looking for academic career like teaching as academic professor in a university. Second called Doctor of Business Administration (DBA), which is mainly focus on business administration. It is considered more applied than PhD and is a strong asset for government advisors, professionals and consultants.

The decision to do a doctoral degree or not, depends mainly on you and your career path. For our countries in Middle East I see we need to acquire knowledge and transfer it back to our countries and communities. Since we are still lack behind what we should be. Obtaining a doctoral degree from international reputable university will leverage you to be in the elite group of specific discipline, so you will become the source of knowledge in this discipline. This can help you in developing yourself and supporting your community.

Despite the fact that researchers and academic are not fairly appreciated in our communities but still our importance is vital. If you are looking for money and fame only, go for Arab idol and make a song or dance.

To obtain a real international reputable doctorate, you will have to pay money you need, you will have to put effort nobody can, and you will have to put a lot of sacrifice nobody can afford. If you are not ready for this challenge, please don’t do it and waste your time and effort. And put in mind that there is no guarantee that you will have the reword you deserve. It is a very tough mission. Over 70% of my colleagues in the doctorate have stepped over and didn’t complete. And put in mind that the easy two years online doctorate is not a real one. And it won’t help you on the international level.